Glorious D'Bewtiq Glorious D'Bewtiq: Korean Cartoon Newborn Baby Diaper Bag (Pre-Order)

Glorious D'Bewtiq

Korean Cartoon Newborn Baby Diaper Bag (Pre-Order)



Material:super soft fabrics

Size: 75 × 25CM

Play with the Guadai photo frame, behind a lanyard, you can hang on the crib bars, can also be hung on the wall.

Cleaning: can be cleaned with water directly

South Korea's exports of high-end baby bed hanging bag, diaper bag 

Both pretty warm, but also convenient and practical,

Bottles, wipes, diapers, nail clippers can put all Oh!
To change your baby, hold the bottle, not so flustered.

The first pocket can also be placed on top of the baby's photo

Exclusive baby pouch, moms quickly prepare a bar!

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